When the pandemic shut down taprooms throughout North Carolina, cutting off a major source of revenue for brewers in the region, beer makers had to be just as resourceful as their compatriots in the restaurant industry to stay alive.

Erin Jordan is a woman in an industry still largely dominated by men. Her job is representative of the demands of a craft brewer, and following a day in Jordan’s life reveals all the hard work that goes into making beer.

Enjoy the many rewards of home brewing.

The process of fermentation can be confusing, as it requires a living microorganism, yeast, to transform grapes into wine, barley into beer, and corn into bourbon.

Increased interest in drinking local plus recent revisions in state laws have paved the way for a boom in licensed distilleries.

While beer is always a thirst-quenching companion in hot summer months, canned beer is particularly suited for the season.

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Purple sweet potatoes shine in beer, thanks to a longtime friendship between farmer and brewer.

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