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In addition to having a solid reputation for its flawless approach to seafood classics, The Lobster Trap is a leader in the sustainable seafood movement.

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Whatever it is, and whatever it looks like, a statement piece can add a touch of refinement or even edgy vibes to your home.

This season of “stay at home” living might be the perfect opportunity to explore new approaches to food: new recipes and new cooking techniques, along with new places to buy local and seasonal ingredients.

Living in Asheville, you can find ways around many of the challenges of eating strictly local, solely thanks to the enthusiastic and innovative people working with our region’s food systems.

We can see how charcuterie is a fantastically varied craft. It refers to the preservation of meat by diverse and intuitive means, and the combination of processes to produce a desired or safe result.

Chef Sebastiaan Zijp of The Farmer’s Hands makes magic, transforming flour, eggs, and salt into silky sheets of pasta.