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The Best Chocolate Cake Ever

A baking instructor at the John C. Campbell Folk School shares her secrets for the best vegan chocolate cake she’s ever created. 
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The Adventures of a North Carolina Christmas Tree

Ever since the tradition of a White House Christmas Tree started in 1966, a NC Fraser fir has been chosen more than any other variety.
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The Local Tastemakers

Sarah Wickers’ farm is home to over 100 ingredients that are used by her herb and spice company, Well Seasoned Table.
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Cider Spice Muffins

These cider spice muffins bake in just 20 minutes, mimicking the flavor profiles of popular cider donuts but without the deep frying.
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The Fall Fruit That Launched a Thousand Smiles

Once the summer leaves start to turn, it’s a fall season fruit that turns Presnell’s Produce & More farm store into a destination.
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Holiday Meats Directory

Whether your main entree is ham, turkey or duck this holiday season, we recommend ordering your meat from local farms for the tastiest fare.

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