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Leather Britches

Making the bounty of a summer garden last through winter usually involves Mason jars and a water bath. In Appalachia, however, preserving food has often meant not just canning but also drying—and this is especially true of beans.

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The Great Blueberry Rescue

The first summer Rett Murphy and Kathryn Skelley-Watts owned their farm, a visiting friend walked into a field overgrown with weeds and immediately disappeared from sight. A few minutes later, Murphy said, “I saw his hand rise up over the jungle, holding a few berries.” With that, plans for the farm changed.

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Nicoise Salad

This elegant yet simple salad shows off the very best of summer produce and herbs. Served with a crisp rosé, it’s perfect for a light weekend lunch. Traditional Niçoise is made with haircots verts, but feel free to experiment with runners or asparagus beets.