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Global Traditions

Spices are connecting Appalachia with food cultures around the world.
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Sweet & Sultry Spiced Dessert

Serve the Krup Hot Toddy with rich chocolate cookies that are kindled with red pepper. Their different spice profiles create a sensationally sweet pairing.
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Into The Wild

North Carolina produces almost 40 percent of the country's Christmas trees—and Yancey County is one of seven counties in the state where the growing takes place.
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Heirloom Secrets

The secret to great fried chicken really is a secret, guarded closely by those who have mastered the balance of crunch and savor that has made the dish one of the most craved in the Southern canon.
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Unsung Heroes

Seed farmers are the unsung heroes of the garden world, and their work is often hidden from casual home gardeners who flip through seed catalogues or pick up seed packets each spring.
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Chickens In The City

City chicken keepers face challenges that those in the country do not, and it takes some effort to create a barnyard-quality life in an urban setting.


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